Pilote Informaiton



Airport charts and procedural information are provided on the Aeronautical Information Publication New Zealand (AIPNZ) website. All pilots are expected to read and comply with the applicable rules and procedures associated to their aircraft operation at Kapiti Coast Airport (Paraparaumu Aerodrome / NZPP).

Information for transitting pilots

Extensive aircraft training occurs inland of the coast north of Waikanae and generally as far as Otaki, as around the northern and southern ends of Kapiti Island. Activity takes place in these areas from the surface to 3000' or low level 500' - 700'

Extensive glider activity occurs along the hills and east of the SH1/rail line.

Please be aware of these areas as you transit past or to the north of the airfield.

Operational Conditions of Use

Operational Conditions of Use

Limitations and Operational Conditions for use of Kapiti Coast Airport (Paraparaumu Aerodrome) are promulgated to provide safe and efficient operations on the airport.

NOTE: Policies and Procedures contained herein DO NOT supersede any CAANZ or AIPNZ published rules. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information in this document, the changing nature of aviation requirements could result in sections of this publication becoming out dated. In the event of conflict, CAANZ rules and the AIPNZ take precedence.

Western Apron

Rules for Use of Western Apron

Rules for the use of the Western Apron are promulgated to provide safe and efficient operations on the apron.

Operators are required to make arrangements with airport management for the use of the stands. Air Nelson and KCAHL reserves the right to request an aircraft to be moved at any time.